Weekly Blog #8: Wikipedia (again)

Last a week I wrote on my blog about the accuracy of Wikipedia and how I think that Wikipedia is a useful source. Anyway, during my social media class last Wednesday, my professors were talking about Wikipedia and at the end of the discussion I was happy to discover that my way of seeing Wikipedia was right. We can trust in Wikipedia articles.

Most of the edits and additions of articles made in Wikipedia are written by people who care about the subject they are writing about. It is important to remember that people don`t get paid to add information to Wikipedia. So, if they are spending their time to contribute to an article, it means that the information in Wikipedia is reliable. Why would you spend your time writing about something that it is not true?  It doesn`t concern me to use Wikipedia as a source.

Finding something on Wikipedia is fast, and many times it gives you more information than you are looking for. For example, go to the Wikipedia  page an lokk for the topic “September 11 attacks.” You will see how detailed the article is and all the information available. If you look on the history tab you will learn all the times that this article was edited.  People who took their time to contribute care about the issue and would not write lies. So why not trust in Wikipedia?


Weekly Blog #7: Wikipedia

Can you believe all the content that Wikipedia offers? Most people know that Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It`s a collaborative work. People from all over the world can write articles about any subject they want and post them to Wikipedia. Later these articles can be freely accessed and edited by anyone.

And because anyone can edit the entries on the website many people view Wikipedia as an unreliable source of information.

But if you look around you will see that are two sides of the story. The good and the bad points of Wikipedia.

I`ve been using Wikipedia since college and I came across incorrect information a few times. Sometimes the information was incomplete or poorly explained, giving rise to misinterpretations. I can`t say that I trust 100% in all the articles available on the website.

However even finding some mistakes here and there, I think that Wikipedia is an incredible source of information. It`s unbelievable the number of articles in different languages you can find in Wikipedia. Today when I was looking at the website there were 3,236,250 articles just in English.

When you type a word on the search page, you can find background information about basically anything. If you have never done just try it.

Look at some examples I found when I typed a few words: Social Media,  Washington D.CPublic Relations and Word press

Based on my experience with Wikipedia I must say that the more important the subject is, the more reliable the article is, because there are more people adding and editing the information.

My advice is when doing research you can use Wikipedia as a source but it would be better to double check the information by using a second source. And I don`t believe you should double check information only when your are using Wikipedia. I would double check others research sites as well, in general.