Personal Blog #4: You Are Beautiful!

The other day I was reading my friend’s blog. She was saying that she is a “recovering emotional eater.”  I truly think that she should not be so crazy about her weight situation. She is so pretty, there is nothing wrong with her body.

I know that I can’t criticize her, though, because I also have my moments as well. I have a certain irritation about my hips and sometimes it gets on my nerves. But at the end it`s not just me or my friend that are always complaining about our body types. I can give you a list with 100 names of people who I know that are not satisfied with their bodies.

And I ask, why? Why do we live in a constant paranoia that pounds need to be dropped by next week? I`m tired of that. I feel irritated when I`m at the cashier at grocery stores and I see all of those magazines staring at me with their headlines:  How to lose weight in a week; The body of your dreams; The best and worse bodies; How I lost weight, and so on. Why can`t we see something like: Be happy with the way you are; Love your curves; You are a beautiful woman.

How about when you go clothes shopping? It`s a nightmare if you have curves. You will need a few hours to find something that fits you well. How dare they offer size 0 for adults? Who can fit into that? My 13-year old sister, maybe.

Once I was talking to my husband`s stepmother, who used to work in the fashion world, and she was explaining to me that the clothes industry take a clothes size 4 and label it size 2 so when you go to buy your apparel you feel better about fitting into a smaller size and you end up buying more than you have too. Great deal for them but not for you!

And I know that this is true because the other day I bought myself a pair of pants. The size? Extra-small. Since I was 12 years old I could never fit into an extra-small and now at 24 I can, though I haven’t gotten smaller. Funny! All this weight control is a waste of time.

It doesn`t matter if you are size 0, 8, 12 or more. Sizes can`t determine who you are. Taking care of yourself is important but that doesn`t mean starving to death or counting every single calorie of the food you eat.

I ask that all the women out there, today, go in front of your mirror and see how pretty and amazing you are.