Weekly Blog #3 – Do we need a Bill of Rights for the social web?

At this point with all the platforms out there I don`t think that a Bill of Rights would be relevant. Let`s face the reality. We choose to share our information with the world. It`s our decision to have a Facebook account, Orkut, LinkedIn, blogs, and dozens of other social media tools.

The companies don`t force us to sign up to their service. We join because of our need for interaction with family, friends and many other things that are out there. Not to mention that it also gives us the feeling that we are part of a group, that we are part of the new tech revolution.

The other day I was attempting to play the Mafia Wars game in Facebook. I was frustrated because in order to play the game I would need to allow Facebook to share my profile information including photos, my friends’ information and other contents though I don`t know who would get the information.

My frustration grew once I started playing. I had another surprise. Even after sharing my information and being able to be in the game I would need to have a certain number of people joining in the game with me so I could keep playing. Therefore, I needed to invite my friends to be part of the game as well, so Facebook could gather more information.

After complaining to my husband for a while it sunk into my mind that we live in a capitalist world. Nothing is free. Everything is The world in which we live  is a big market place, everyone selling and buying. So how can I expect to do something without giving back? It is not possible.

In the same way I would like to have the right to know where my information is going, companies have their right to use our information to some extent. If you are using their service you need to pay for it in some way. Would you let someone live in your house using everything you have for free?

We don`t need a Bill of rights. We need to decide if we want to be part of the social media experience. If you don`t want to be exposed don`t use the service. No one is forcing you do to so.