Weekly Blog #6: Games

I must confess that I enjoy playing video games sometimes. It helps me to get the stress out. When I was young I used to play “The Sims”. It was amazing being able to create a family, buy a house and go to work, like real life. However, what I liked about the game was the fact that I was playing alone and I didn`t have to interact with other people.

The online interaction with some games scares me. I don`t like to communicate to people who I don`t know. You might say that I have a blog and I`m communicating with people I don`t really know through the blog. It is true, but in my mind it is different than playing a game because the interaction is less direct and not immediate.

For the past two nights, I was trying to play the “Second Life” game. And it was amazing to see all the things you can do in this game. You can make your own second “secret” life in this online game. Everything is possible. While you are playing it`s easy to start believing that this second life is better than your real life, because in that world you can do everything you want and desire to do. For example, your can fly or visit any place in the world in minutes.

However, honestly I don’t enjoy it. I believe that many people are transitioning their real life to this online life that seems pretty real, but you can’t forgot that you are alone in the room and using the computer to get into this world.

People should not use their computers as a tool to live their lives. They should go outside of their rooms and explore their real world. In the online life things can seem easier to achieve but you need to believe you can achieve things outside the game. You just need to try.

Whether I like it or not it doesn`t matter: games like Second Life are getting more popular each day. And I wonder what will happen in the future with those games since it seems that almost everything is already possible, what will happen in the next 10 years?