Weekly Blog #9: Global Voices

This week I enjoyed doing the assignment from my Social Media class. The objective was to look at Global Voices Online, pick a country that begins with the same letter as my name and see what I could find about it.

The countries I chose were Angola and Afghanistan. The reason I chose those two countries was because in Angola they speak Portuguese, my native language. And Afghanistan because of my name, Amina, which is a common name in the Middle East and Muslim countries.

First, I looked at blogs related to Angola. I found this neat blog called “Africa: Notes from the field”, written by US aid workers. They don`t write exclusively about Angola a, but about Sub-Saharan Africa. The blog is related to the challenges they face when trying to improve lives in Africa. The way the blog is written captures the attention of the reader because of the details and the personal insights.  For instance:

When reading about Afghanistan the topics I found were related to children, education, health, war and conflict, youth, etc. It was sad reading some of the posts related to Afghanistan. The blog “Afghanistan: Youth Find Outlets Amid Ongoing Violence” was one of them.

When I finished reading this post I thought about a post I wrote “Eyes Closed” and I felt that sometimes I also close my eyes because the world shows many sad facts that sometimes you would rather not know.