Amina Ferreira

Born in Parana, Brazil and recently living in the United States.

I lived most of my life in São Paulo, the biggest and craziest city in Brazil.

During my four years of college (Journalism major) I worked nearly full time while studying.

The job that most inspired me and increased my desire to grow in the area of communications was my work in the press office of the São Paulo prisons bureau.

I conducted numerous in-depth interviews with female and male penitentiary inmates, writing articles on their lives for publication, trying to describe the success stories of prisoners who had changed for the better.

Later on in order to  expand my horizons I signed up for a program that brings foreign students to live with American families, to care for their children while having the opportunity to attend school part time. I worked with four children, while I took English and other courses.

Two years later I fell in love and got married with an adventurous person.  Right now I`m pursuing my Master’s in Professional Studies program in Public Relations / Corporate Communication at Georgetown University.

Currently I don`t have a full time job but I`m looking for one.  Meanwhile, I`m working as a Brand Ambassador and Zumba instructor.


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