Weekly Blog #11: Social Media

This week the discussion is, “Imagine the 2012 US presidential election campaign and think what will be the key factor to win the election.”

After learning all the different social media tools and how to apply all of them, I believe the key to the 2012 election will be to dominate by social media. (I hope to be right, if not, my apology.)

To win an election you need to bring people that are fighting for the same cause together and social media facilitates this connection.

Therefore, the candidate who wants to win the election should be 100% integrated with this new trend.

Understanding the power of online communities, how they are formed, and how to communicate with them is important. Once you start to interact with those communities, you know if they are talking about you and what else they are taking about. You learn about what voters are looking for and establish a connection with them. Moreover, once this connection is strongly formed you will gain a Buzz that will be passed along millions of people. That`s another important factor of social media: it can pass your message along fast and to a large number of people.

Therefore, if you are planning to be the next US president you’d better start your online grassroots campaign and let me JOIN THE CONVERSATION!


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