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Weekly Blog #5: Google

Am I afraid of Google?

Yes I am. Google knows me better than anyone. You don`t believe me?

Google knows

  • My friends (Orkut)
  • Where I live (Google Maps)
  • What I want in each moment of my life. (Search)
  • Everything I write and what I link to. (Blogger)
  • What I have done and what I`m planning on doing. (Calendar)
  • All about my web browsing. (Chrome)
  • About my homework. (Docs)
  • Where on the planet I wish to go. (Earth)
  • Which language I would like to know. (Translator)
  • Books I`m planning on buying. (Books)
  • All the websites I visit. (Toolbar)
  • Which videos I watched and which genres I like (YouTube)
  • Know what I look like on my bikini (Picasa)
  • Know my last minute thoughts (Buzz)
  • My private communication. (Gmail)

Don’t I have a reason to be scared? Even my mom doesn`t know that much information about me!

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