Weekly Blog #7: Wikipedia

Can you believe all the content that Wikipedia offers? Most people know that Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It`s a collaborative work. People from all over the world can write articles about any subject they want and post them to Wikipedia. Later these articles can be freely accessed and edited by anyone.

And because anyone can edit the entries on the website many people view Wikipedia as an unreliable source of information.

But if you look around you will see that are two sides of the story. The good and the bad points of Wikipedia.

I`ve been using Wikipedia since college and I came across incorrect information a few times. Sometimes the information was incomplete or poorly explained, giving rise to misinterpretations. I can`t say that I trust 100% in all the articles available on the website.

However even finding some mistakes here and there, I think that Wikipedia is an incredible source of information. It`s unbelievable the number of articles in different languages you can find in Wikipedia. Today when I was looking at the website there were 3,236,250 articles just in English.

When you type a word on the search page, you can find background information about basically anything. If you have never done just try it.

Look at some examples I found when I typed a few words: Social Media,  Washington D.CPublic Relations and Word press

Based on my experience with Wikipedia I must say that the more important the subject is, the more reliable the article is, because there are more people adding and editing the information.

My advice is when doing research you can use Wikipedia as a source but it would be better to double check the information by using a second source. And I don`t believe you should double check information only when your are using Wikipedia. I would double check others research sites as well, in general.


Personal Blog #6: Paths

How many times a week do you change your mind related to the path you should take in your life? I change my mind at least once a week. Now I`m 24 and I feel quite desperate because I want to decide which path I should take and which one would lead me to success.

But the true is I`m not sure what I would like to do for the rest of my life. The idea of being stuck forever doing something I dislike kills me.  I don`t want to feel miserable and unhappy.

Lately I`ve been talking to some smart people about life direction and they gave me good insights but still I can`t take my first step. Actually, that is not true. I`ve been eliminating a few things I don`t enjoy doing . For example, I can`t get along with numbers, so jobs that involve numbers are out of my list. I also don`t like to do the same thing over and over; I tend to get bored. I started working when I was 12 years old and through those years until now, I left many jobs because what I was learning was limited. I was doing the same thing repeatedly. I wasn`t adding new skills or anything so I just moved on from job to job.

However, at this moment of my life I don`t want to be jumping from one place to another. I want to find something that will lead me to a successful career and will make me happy at the same time.

My next step now will be looking at companies I believe I would like to work for. I might make a list with 10 companies then study about them and later try to set up a meeting with someone in the companies I choose.

I believe this will help me to get to the place I want to be.

Hmm… Where do I want to be again? 😉

Weekly Blog #6: Games

I must confess that I enjoy playing video games sometimes. It helps me to get the stress out. When I was young I used to play “The Sims”. It was amazing being able to create a family, buy a house and go to work, like real life. However, what I liked about the game was the fact that I was playing alone and I didn`t have to interact with other people.

The online interaction with some games scares me. I don`t like to communicate to people who I don`t know. You might say that I have a blog and I`m communicating with people I don`t really know through the blog. It is true, but in my mind it is different than playing a game because the interaction is less direct and not immediate.

For the past two nights, I was trying to play the “Second Life” game. And it was amazing to see all the things you can do in this game. You can make your own second “secret” life in this online game. Everything is possible. While you are playing it`s easy to start believing that this second life is better than your real life, because in that world you can do everything you want and desire to do. For example, your can fly or visit any place in the world in minutes.

However, honestly I don’t enjoy it. I believe that many people are transitioning their real life to this online life that seems pretty real, but you can’t forgot that you are alone in the room and using the computer to get into this world.

People should not use their computers as a tool to live their lives. They should go outside of their rooms and explore their real world. In the online life things can seem easier to achieve but you need to believe you can achieve things outside the game. You just need to try.

Whether I like it or not it doesn`t matter: games like Second Life are getting more popular each day. And I wonder what will happen in the future with those games since it seems that almost everything is already possible, what will happen in the next 10 years?

Personal Blog #5: Married Life

I can still remember the moment I said, I do, It wasn`t so long ago.
It was a magical day. I`ve never felt so blessed and it was one the happiest day of my life. If you are not married you will understand me when you say your “I do”.

Everything seems perfect at that moment and you think that from this day forward your life will be easy and all the problems will end. But surprise! Pretty soon you will realize that it is not that simple. Living with someone can be difficult even if you are in love. Many adjustments need to be made for you and your partner to live in harmony.

Remember when you used to have you room organized? Well now you need a little more effort to make this happen, because it is no longer just you in the place you share with your partner and maybe his or her standards of a clean room are different.

Or, how about when you are watching TV? Remember that show you love? Guess what? Your husband can`t stand it and to make it worse his favorite show is at the same time as yours. What to do? Compromise. Otherwise, you will need to buy a second TV.

It sounds crazy but when you are living with your partner those little things can be annoying. The details, the ones you never even thought about, can drive you and you beloved one crazy.

However, don`t panic. It is not the end of the world and for every problem there is a solution. When two people love each other, they will find a way to work things out.

Relationships are never easy, but they are amazing. Even on bad days with my husband I try to see the good side of it. Sometimes it’s hard but I always find a way. We are not perfect and we don`t like all the same things or agree on everything. But at the end of every day we are there for each other, happy and exited for the future “together” ahead of us.

I Love You!

Weekly Blog #5: Google

Am I afraid of Google?

Yes I am. Google knows me better than anyone. You don`t believe me?

Google knows

  • My friends (Orkut)
  • Where I live (Google Maps)
  • What I want in each moment of my life. (Search)
  • Everything I write and what I link to. (Blogger)
  • What I have done and what I`m planning on doing. (Calendar)
  • All about my web browsing. (Chrome)
  • About my homework. (Docs)
  • Where on the planet I wish to go. (Earth)
  • Which language I would like to know. (Translator)
  • Books I`m planning on buying. (Books)
  • All the websites I visit. (Toolbar)
  • Which videos I watched and which genres I like (YouTube)
  • Know what I look like on my bikini (Picasa)
  • Know my last minute thoughts (Buzz)
  • My private communication. (Gmail)

Don’t I have a reason to be scared? Even my mom doesn`t know that much information about me!

Personal Blog #4: You Are Beautiful!

The other day I was reading my friend’s blog. She was saying that she is a “recovering emotional eater.”  I truly think that she should not be so crazy about her weight situation. She is so pretty, there is nothing wrong with her body.

I know that I can’t criticize her, though, because I also have my moments as well. I have a certain irritation about my hips and sometimes it gets on my nerves. But at the end it`s not just me or my friend that are always complaining about our body types. I can give you a list with 100 names of people who I know that are not satisfied with their bodies.

And I ask, why? Why do we live in a constant paranoia that pounds need to be dropped by next week? I`m tired of that. I feel irritated when I`m at the cashier at grocery stores and I see all of those magazines staring at me with their headlines:  How to lose weight in a week; The body of your dreams; The best and worse bodies; How I lost weight, and so on. Why can`t we see something like: Be happy with the way you are; Love your curves; You are a beautiful woman.

How about when you go clothes shopping? It`s a nightmare if you have curves. You will need a few hours to find something that fits you well. How dare they offer size 0 for adults? Who can fit into that? My 13-year old sister, maybe.

Once I was talking to my husband`s stepmother, who used to work in the fashion world, and she was explaining to me that the clothes industry take a clothes size 4 and label it size 2 so when you go to buy your apparel you feel better about fitting into a smaller size and you end up buying more than you have too. Great deal for them but not for you!

And I know that this is true because the other day I bought myself a pair of pants. The size? Extra-small. Since I was 12 years old I could never fit into an extra-small and now at 24 I can, though I haven’t gotten smaller. Funny! All this weight control is a waste of time.

It doesn`t matter if you are size 0, 8, 12 or more. Sizes can`t determine who you are. Taking care of yourself is important but that doesn`t mean starving to death or counting every single calorie of the food you eat.

I ask that all the women out there, today, go in front of your mirror and see how pretty and amazing you are.

Personal Blog #3: Eyes Closed

Yesterday I was part of a sad scene and for a few seconds I felt hopeless, without power to believe that some situations can be modified.

One of my jobs is working as a Brand Ambassador, promoting different products. Many clients always believe that sampling is the best way to catch their target. Therefore, the patron contracts Brand Ambassadors to go out in the street do distribute samples of the products. In other words give away free stuff for people to try.

When I woke up yesterday, I did not expect that my free sample distribution would turn into a chaotic scene.

I arrived at my spot, a busy corner near the metro in Chinatown, Washington DC, and started handing out product samples as usual . There were five of us giving out little packs of instant coffee . Everything was fine until a big group of people started to gather around us and ask for more than on sample each. We usually give out one or two maximum per person. However, this day we had to change the rules. The crowd was not happy with just one or two samples and they were pushing for more and more.

I had maybe ten people around me holding their backpacks, and grocery bags. All of them grabbing for more products. The situation got out of my control and I had to walk away because more people were getting together and started taking the products themselves by force.

An older man got close to me and pushed me to the side. It did not hurt me or anything but made me feel threatened. Once he did that he ran away with a box full of samples. After I stepped to the side another men shouted, “She is away from the box” and in less than two seconds I watched this group of people fighting over the product samples. Many of then had their bags full but still they wanted more.

I couldn’t do anything. I just stood there watching. A sad feeling came over me, and I had no reaction. Everything happened so fast, one minute they were there almost killing each other and the next minute just empty boxes on the floor.

I`ve seen many scenes in my life but yesterday was different. I can`t explain, but I know that it was.

After that I just packed my things and went back home. On my way home I was thinking that we all live in our own boxes and sometimes stepping into a different box can be scary. When I say boxes, I mean our little worlds. We all have our own issues and life to deal with so we don`t have time to care for the social problem that are out there. What I saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Our society has many bigger problems.  I know that many of us try to change and make things better but still it’s not sufficient. The reality is that most people are just walking in their own boxes with their eyes closed not seeing that many people need help, they are hungry, they are cold, they are helpless.