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Weekly Blog #4: The Long Tail

Can you imagine your life without a search engine?  I must say that mine would be hard. The internet search engines help me find anything I want online. All I need is to type a few words and in seconds all the information I was looking for is displayed in from of me.

Lately, I’ve been planning to take a big trip with my husband. We would like to go to a place that I have never been before. I`m considering parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. I`m spending sometime on researching about the different areas so I can make a decision. I found Wikipedia a great source. I just type the continent or country and I have broad information including, physical geography, territories and regions, economy, language, history, etc. Wikipedia gives me much more information than I need in order to make a decision.

While I`m trying to learn about these places I also search for flights at Kayak.com.
Kayak gives me the best fares. I no longer need to go to a specific airlines and check one by one. In Kayak I have a list of all flights available from all major airlines. In addition, if I want to book a hotel Kayak displays the best deals. It`s easy and saves my time while searching for my vacation. The Travel Blog is also a great source.

I feel amazed by all the things you can find online You can find everything out there in The Long Tail. And if you  find a niche that is not fulfilled you can definitely do it with a website yourself because it will be useful to someone else.

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