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Weekly Blog #1 – Are there really 95 theses?

After reading The Cluetrain Manifesto , I cannot agree that there are 95 theses. Many of the theses you can combine to make it easier to understand them. You may disagree, but it worked for me. Before you go against my idea let me show you how I grouped some of the 95 theses.

First, start reading the first six theses and you will see that what the author is saying is that markets are conversations, consisted of human beings, who share information by talking to each other. These days, the internet provides for the communication in the marketplace. Anyone can get on the internet and share information. Word-of-mouth exists in every place. I must say that with the word of mouth by internet is even faster because you can spread the word to many more people in seconds. Anyway, let`s go back to the 95 theses. Reading numbers 1 to 6 there is something clear to me: “Markets are conversations!” Now we have 90 theses. However, we can still narrow this number.

Now let’s see 8 to 13. What I understand is that technology is connecting outsiders, employees and organizations, which change the dynamic of organization in the marketplace. The market is getting smarter, consumers know more about products than the companies do. Now companies need to learn how to work with this new way; otherwise they cannot keep up. Therefore, we can simplify all these ideas as “The connection between companies and new markets is important in order to succeed.” How many do we have now? 85 theses?

If you are into combining theses in this way, I would encourage you to try reviewing theses 14-95 and see what summary theses you can come up with .

By the way, I’m not trying to criticize the Cluetrain Manifesto. I`m just trying to simplify so I can absorb the lessons faster. This book is great! I recommend it, especially after listening to my teacher last week. He said, “When you go to an interview talk about ‘markets are conversations.’ It will make a difference.” I will try next time.

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